About BitiCodes

BitiCodes is a trading platform that simplifies Bitcoin trading by facilitating time-consuming tasks involved in trading.

How It All Started

BitiCodes is the product of several years of research and hard work of two think tanks; a team of successful traders and two developers who share a common interest in Bitcoin trading and the potential of the cryptocurrency industry.

After years of trading the traditional financial markets, the team decided to focus on Bitcoin trading in 2015. The skills and experience they acquired as traders came in handy, but they soon realized that Bitcoin trading is extremely risky due to its high volatility. However, it might be very rewarding for experienced traders who have back-tested and successful Bitcoin trading strategies.

The team needed to have an edge; a trading tool that would streamline all their winning strategies, help them scan the market for trading opportunities, execute buy or sell orders based on their trading style and manage all their open trades. This birthed a new relationship with their developer friends, and together, they worked tirelessly for 3 years until BitiCodes was created; a useful Bitcoin trading platform that is user-friendly and suitable for Bitcoin traders regardless of their trading experience.

The Team’s Goal

Manually scanning the Bitcoin market for good setups, planning, executing, and monitoring trades in the cryptocurrency market that is highly volatile and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can be very tiring and time-consuming, even for the best technical analysts and successful traders.

This is why the team set out with a goal to create a Bitcoin trading platform that works with all cryptocurrency exchanges and provides a smoother trading experience for investors by streamlining some of the mundane tasks involved in Bitcoin trading.

With this Bitcoin trading platform, traders will no longer have to spend a significant part of their day monitoring trades via uncertified sources. Users can now simplify the Bitcoin trading process and still be very hands-on by using the platform as a one-stop shop for executing trades and studying the market from anywhere, at any time.

The Team’s Mission

BitiCodes was created with the goal of making crypto trading accessible to everyone and allowing traders of all levels of expertise to participate in this blooming Bitcoin market.

The team’s mission is to make BitiCodes the go-to Bitcoin trading platform for Bitcoin trading enthusiasts regardless of their technical and financial analysis trading background.